Reign Over Me (Covenant Book 1)

reightoverme1l      Readers Choice Runner Up

Geeky girl Isabel never imagined herself as a badass biker babe … but when her family’s troubles send her to the Aces Motorcycle Club, she is thrown deep into biker domain. While pretending to be a club whore, Isabel finds herself at constant odds with the club’s rough yet sexy vice president.

Rem’s toughened exterior is the product of years in the Marines and then as his club’s VP. He knows that Isabel doesn’t belong in this world, but he can’t help the desire that seems to grow everyday she is near. He wants her innocence to soothe his soul and her sweet curves to soothe the ache in his body.

Their differences only fuel the fire as they come together in an epic way. But unknown enemies are circling the club, threatening their newfound passion with dangerous secrets. Will they learn to trust love and each other? Or will doubt tear them apart?

**Evernight Readers Choice Runner Up for Best MC Romance of 2017**

Be Warned: hardcore dark erotic mc romance, menage sex, double penetration, forced seduction, public exhibition




Hungry Eyes (A Covenant Novella)

In the Lawless Anthology


Meet the hardcore heroes of LAWLESS! They’re fearless, dangerous, big on revenge, and defiantly walk on the wrong side of the law. Although their morals may be compromised, their loyalty to that one woman is never in question.

Our twelve hand-picked novellas are dark, dirty, and will make you see bad boys in a whole new light. From bikers to hitmen, these dangerous men won’t be satisfied until they have everything they came for—until they have her. 

Hungry Eyes: Collette has always been able to resist temptation and stay on the path of righteousness for her family. But when she meets Xander of the Wraiths MC she goes off-road for the chance to know love in the arms of a true sinner.




Battlefield (Covenant Book 2) 

Battlefield-evernightpublishing-Jan2018-ebook (1)

As a member of the Aces MC, nothing in the world was forbidden to Jordan Mitchell and he was not in the habit of denying himself the things he wanted. But when he meets his younger brother’s girlfriend, he finally knows the torture of wanting something he can’t have. Cecelia Taylor knew Jordan would be a mistake since the first time she met him. Not only was he a filthy biker but also an arrogant jerk who could never seem to keep his hands to himself. And yet, she couldn’t seem to resist those hands…or his bed. Their relationship is a battle from the very beginning with casualties on both sides. But when Jordan’s past comes calling, their love is put to the test and they both have to decide if what they have is worth a real fight.

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He stole me in the night, took my virginity like a beast, and held me captive.

He says that I belong to him, that I am his mate. He’s a madman. I should hate him with a passion but all my passion is reserved for his pleasure. I feel myself changing and my resolve is waning with every passing hour as he pulls me further into his world.

I’ve never felt anything like this before and I don’t want it to end. He has enslaved my body and bewitched my mind. It’s only a matter of time before my heart is taken.